Welcome To Guide For Ladies, The Blog!

Some of my Instagram followers have wanted a blog, and I believe that Instagram is a little restricting when you have a lot to say and want to engage more with your followers, so I have finally established one.

This blog will combine ethics and fashion to present you with a comprehensive instruction on how to be a respectable woman. This site will be entertaining, motivating, accessible, eloquent, and convincing, and it promises to put your ideas and emotions into words.

The major focus of my blog, as on my Instagram account, is “rules of a woman”; however, I will allow myself to deviate from having a new rule in every post and will lead you women through other entertaining articles and inspirational photographs as well.

Other exciting new things to look forward to include a modest overhaul of my quote style, lengthier articles, the opportunity for you to share your opinions and experiences with me via comments, and the opportunity for some of you to create guest pieces!

I’ve also made it simple for you to share my material on a variety of social media platforms, something I know you guys really desired. I’ve had a lot of requests for Tumblr and Pinterest, so apart from you being able to share my material on there via my blog, I’ll be starting a sister site on Tumblr shortly.

I really hope you like my site and would appreciate feedback. Of course, there isn’t much material yet, but do let me know what you think of the design, the thoughts I outlined above, and if you have any recommendations for a blogging rookie like myself!

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