Weekend Nails – Glitter Gradient Step by Step

This glittering step-by-step tutorial from Catherine will help you get your nails weekend-ready in no time…

You will need a base coat, a top coat, one nail colour for your base, and a second colour (ideally one with a lot of sparkle!). as well as a nail art brush with a fine point.

Step 1

First apply a foundation, and then two coats of the base colour you’ve selected. I used the shade Lady in Black from OPI.

Step 2

My customer decided to use OPI All Sparkly and Gold for your second colour; alternatively, you might choose I Juggle…

Men, apply polish to the top one-third of their nails (from the cuticle up), then wipe the brush clean and dab the colour gently up to the top of the nail to fade it out.

If you have a clean gel brush, you may use it to wipe away any extra glitter and to help spread it out evenly. This will help prevent clumping.

Step 3

Complete the look with an OPI Top Coat for a finish that will stay!

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