The No. 2 Rule Of A Lady And Why You Don’t Need A Man

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We are taught that men want to be or feel needed, and this whole men wanting to feel needed tale stems from a time when women had few to no alternatives for being independent and financially secure. Men used to demonstrate their love for women by their readiness to “take care” of them. Today, we have a very different circumstance, and to be honest, I believe that wanting someone in your life is much better than requiring someone. Needing implies dependency, and in most circumstances, adult dependence is unhealthy.

We, as humans, need love and affection. But, contrary to what our transient sentiments may lead us to assume, if that love and affection does not come from a specific someone, we do not necessarily die or even live unsatisfied lives. Also, I feel that there are so many different ways to experience love that it would be exceedingly hazardous to place all of that power in the hands of a one individual.

Do I want to be a happily married lady with a great family when I grow up? Absolutely. Of course, I recognize that without a relationship, I will be and have been lonely at times. But I don’t believe I need a partner – that I’ll be less of anything (a woman, a success, a nice person, etc.) if I don’t have one. I’ve lived and assumed I’d continue to exist on the assumption that a relationship would enrich my life in a variety of lovely ways, but none would be completely make-or-break for me.

People often confuse a wish for a necessity. We’ve all said that we need something, but what we actually mean is that we want something. Consider this: who really requires a €500 pair of designer shoes? That is a desire. Similarly, a boyfriend is a desire, not a necessity, like a glass of wine rather than a bottle of water. You’re after the wine. You know the wine will be delicious. There’s a chance the wine will do good things for you – calm you, entertain you, help you finally say what you really need to say – but you don’t need the wine to survive.

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