Super Model Tan: Kate Moss for St Tropez

When we heard that Kate Moss will be the new face of St. Tropez Self Tan, we couldn’t contain our excitement! When the iconic supermodel was getting ready for a trip to Ibiza around 15 years ago, she decided to get a St. Tropez tan in preparation for her trip. This was the beginning of her love affair with the premium tanning company.

“St. Tropez do it so well that you do appear natural, you don’t have that dread which I always had of getting streaky and not being able to correct it – absolute nightmare,” says Kate, who adores the immaculate results.

We like the vintage glamour pictures of her gracefully lying by a pool in a white bikini with her hair slicked back. The opulent campaign showcases Kate’s gorgeously bronzed physique in all of its splendour.

Watch this video to see what goes on behind the scenes—you may be surprised by where it was shot!

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