Stop Facebook-Stalking Your Ex!

Did your boyfriend break up with you? Do you have any regrets about leaving your boyfriend? Is he missing you? Is he currently dating someone else? Is he content with her? Is she more attractive than you? Is she a more accomplished person than you? Has he already moved on from you?

What?! Why is a female kissing him in his profile photo? Why does his Facebook status state he’s “never been happier”? Why is he saying “I love you 3” on her photos? They’ve just just met! And you guys just split up a few months ago!

WHAT!? Are they dining at your preferred restaurant? Did he take her to the same place you and your date went on your first date? Did he get the job you assisted him in applying for? Aaargh!

When it comes to breakups, we’ve all been there: crying on the couch with a bottle of wine and A LOT of chocolate while scrolling through our ex’s Facebook profile, who appears to be happier without us.

Here’s something you may already know: checking and refreshing your ex’s Facebook page will NOT help you move on or make you feel better about the breakup. Facebook, for the most part, is a nightmare for the bereaved. It provides an all-too-tempting outlet for obsessing over pictures of your ex and frantically scanning his status updates for any indication that he is missing you.

You still can’t seem to stop yourself. Still, you only want to find ONE sign of him missing you! It will not, however, happen on Facebook. Consider this: people romanticize their lives on Facebook! Everyone has a happy profile picture, and status updates are for making your friends laugh or telling everyone about your amazing weekend.

Does it appear on your Facebook page that you miss him? Most likely not. Right?

So, for the time being, the best way to get over your ex is to simply unfriend him on Facebook. You’ll have no choice but to stop Facebook stalking him this way. Then, once you’ve properly moved on from him, it’s perfectly fine to reconnect on Facebook.

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