Steamcream for Face Skin Care (Review 2023)

What Puts The ‘Steam’ In Steamcream?

You may be familiar with the adorable tin designs, and you could be a skincare expert who is well aware of the advantages of Steamcream, but do you know what makes steamcream so effective?

It is incredibly adaptable and great for individuals who want something that will quickly soothe and soften their skin without generating any greasiness, and I have tried it, repurchased it, and given it as a gift many than once. Being a member of the team at means that I have done research on, tried out, and written about the product; but, despite the fact that I am quite familiar with it, the notion of a “shot of steam” has continued to baffle me.

Last week, I was fortunate enough to attend the Pegasus PR Beauty Showcase, where I got to see the co-founder of the company whipping up a new batch. The components have been selected to produce an emollient that is luxurious while also being ethical and inexpensive; it is rich but lightweight; it soothes and comforts the skin.

Oats, especially fine oatmeal, are a hero ingredient because it is soft and soothing for even the most sensitive skin, easing inflammation and leveling out skin tone. The oatmeal is wrapped in muslin fabric and then soaked in hot water, which results in the production of rich milk that is used as the foundation for the cream. The next step is to grate some rich cocoa butter into the mixture; this helps your skin feel supple and silky, and it also lends the cream a luxuriously glossy consistency. Orange blossom water is wonderful for regulating oil production and keeping your skin hydrated; in addition, it has a delightful aroma, which is why Steamcream combines it with pure water. Other essential oils like lavender, which may help relax your face, chamomile blue, which can lighten and brighten, and almond oil, which can deeply soften the skin, are also employed.

Where exactly does the “steam” originate from then?

Instead of a thick emollient that will just sit on your skin, the steam enables the nourishing ingredients to sink in and be absorbed by the skin. This is accomplished by using a shot of steam to combine all of the ingredients; the force of the steam combines everything, creating an extremely lightweight texture.

Last week, the Steamcream Team put this theory to the test by demonstrating it using the steam function of a coffee machine. It was wonderful to see all of the gorgeous natural ingredients arranged in glass bowls; it made us feel as if we were really in a kitchen.

You can truly tell that the product has been meticulously produced when you use it because you can sense that a lot of love went into making it. Those small tins contain a lot of love. In addition to swooning over some of the most exquisite limited edition designs (such as the dazzling crystals and the endearing Alice in Wonderland designs shown above), I was also fortunate enough to get a first look at the designs for the Christmas collection… they are so lovely that I anticipate a quick run out of stock!

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