Spa Insider: What To Expect At Your First Treatment

For me, being a member of the staff at the Asase Spa in Brighton has been a really exciting experience. I just like the feeling of entering into a brand-new spa or salon for the very first time and discovering the environment and general vibe of the establishment. Since I started working in spas as soon as I graduated high school and continued doing so throughout my undergraduate career, I always knew what to anticipate when I walked into a spa or treatment room.

On the other hand, I receive brand new customers on a daily basis who have never previously indulged in any kind of spa treatment for themselves.

This first piece will hopefully clarify some of your concerns, especially for those of you who have never had the pleasure of getting a facial, massage, or any other kind of spa service (which, by the way, is completely unacceptable!).

The process of selecting a therapy… It is common knowledge that spas provide services that are both restorative and soothing; hence, why not treat yourself with a facial or body massage? These are the best options for getting started with your newfound love affair with the spa since not only are they wonderful for your skin, but they are also quite relaxing for your body and mind. If your hands or feet are in need of some TLC, or if you’re thinking about getting tinted or waxed, or if you’re interested in any other body treatments to get ready for summer, we can handle it all.

Making a booking….. It is usually best to schedule in advance by giving us a call, sending us an email, or stopping in to say hello. This is primarily so that you may avoid the disappointment of going in on the day of your appointment and finding that a therapist is already booked solid. You may always just drop in and give it a go on the same day if you’re pressed for time.

What one may anticipate… As soon as you step through the door, you are immediately able to forget about the stresses of the day thanks to the pleasant aroma of essential oils and candles that are burning. You will have a wonderful conversation with your therapist so that we can discover precisely what you want and how fantastic the experience can be for you. This is because we want to make your treatment, regardless of which one you choose, as memorable as it possibly can be. You are also welcome to ask us any questions you may have; don’t be shy; we have probably already answered them all!

What it is that you will require… At the spa, we have everything you could possibly need, so all you have to do is bring yourself and relax while we take care of you.

I promise that every week, I will give you more information about the various treatments, and I will address the questions that are on the minds of every person who is going to the spa for the first time! Leave a comment below or tweet @mysalonlooks with the hashtag #AskMarie if you have any concerns about specific treatments or the proper protocol for utilising spas.

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