No 6. Rule Of A Lady And What Having High Standards Actually Means

First, I’d want to remark on the bizarre results that appear when you Google “high standards.” I came across some hideous articles while doing some inspirational research for this article, and I really don’t want to link to any of them, but let me tell you: most of these terrible articles were on dating advice for men, and they basically defined high standards as the expected exterior beauty of a woman or the conformity of one. Where being young and attractive, as well as a woman’s capacity to adjust her behavior according to a man’s desire, were prized more than her intelligence, morality, humor, and almost everything that truly counts. I’m not sure which was worse: the substance of these pieces or the reactions to them in the comment sections.

Okay, urk. Let us take a minute to do what Taylor Swift suggests and Shake It Off.
I’m already feeling better. In addition, I have a voice and this incredible platform to express myself. So, let’s make it count.

With this rule, I’d want to break high standards into two distinct posts: the most essential of which is the standards you set for yourself, and what that means, and what high standards should imply when applied to others around you – whether it’s a guy or friends.

  1. The most important which is the standards you set for yourself, and what that means 
  2. And what high standards should mean when applying it to people around you – be it a man or friends

So, lets start.

What high standards are and how you live by them

I think I am a work in progress, and that we are all works in progress. Learning new things and improving our knowledge of our environment and ourselves is an important element of life. As a result, I feel it is equally vital to take a step back and reflect on our own development. I believe that defining what we like in individuals and seeing whether we possess any or all of those traits is a smart approach to start.

For example, I admire several of my friends, and when I was writing this post, I asked myself, “What do I admire?” One of my friends is a wonderful person. She always chooses compassion, and the occasionally harsh comments of people about it never seem to bother her. Other attributes I appreciate are generosity, altruism, and the guts to express vulnerability, as well as having a life passion, being ambitious, having discipline, and never settling.

Now. Having high expectations of yourself does not imply making a list of what you feel you “should” accomplish or who you believe others expect you to be. And I am not here to tell you that you should feel awful about who you are now, like magazines do when they tell you that you aren’t good enough if you don’t accomplish everything at once. Preferably in a pair of sky-high and exorbitantly priced Prada shoes.

Instead, I would characterize high standards as accepting the process of personal development and committing to learning and improving by defining: what traits in life are important to you, why they are essential, and then attempting to integrate them into your life.

An example of something I have made a point of incorporating into my life or the person I am now is the ability to be the same person and show the same degree of attention and respect to individuals whether I am speaking to the cleaner or the president.

I recall how annoyed I was during my first internship when people would stop chatting to me in the lunchroom as soon as the head of department walked in the door. I think my colleagues suddenly thought that garnering his attention was more important than showing respect or ordinary courtesy to an intern. Instead of being discouraged by the scenario, I questioned myself what this made me think about them. That made me realize that I never want to act like that again, or make somebody feel unimportant because of their profession or job title. Because we are much more than our job titles.

So what I’m trying to convey is that having high expectations does not imply expecting to be slim or to be a fantastic parent and wife while still having an excellent profession. It is about establishing personal attributes that are important to you and those you admire and attempting to blend them into who you are.

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