No.5 Rule Of A Lady And Why You Should Stop Playing Games When Dating

You may have come across the saying “A woman understands how to play the game” on the Internet, and if you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I have never used that remark in any of my Rules. I feel that dating games are manipulative, cruel, and counter-productive. So, if you like playing games or adhering to crazy dating rules, you should quit.

The -playing hard to get- game is the most popular approach for women to play dating games. This includes things like waiting a few days before calling or messaging back, or claiming to have this extremely important event on the day a man recommends you two go on a date, or just giving him a “maybe” when in reality you are overjoyed that he asked you out.

But why would you pretend you’re not interested when you clearly are? It doesn’t make sense. It’s absurd and immature, to be honest. And, to be honest, if a man is truly into you, he undoubtedly built up a lot of guts to approach you and ask for a date, so why would you add to his suffering by giving him a vague response or claiming to be too busy?

Oh, and the greatest thing is that you don’t do it because you really want to, no…. Actually, you truly want to go on a date with this gentleman, but you assume that by “playing hard to get,” you will pique his interest. Hmm…. He asked you out, and he is already intrigued. All that remains is for you to show him who you are.

Instead of playing games, demonstrate to him that you are accessible, engaging, interested and fascinating, wonderful company, and relationship-worthy. What’s so terrible with being a genuine woman with her own mind, body, and spirit who is open, honest, vulnerable, and proactive?

It all comes down to the fear of being wounded. When it comes to dating, feeling like you have to be “on top of the situation”/”in charge”/”in control” ALWAYS boils back to being frightened of being hurt. And you are certainly correct; heartbreak is one of the worst feelings you could ever experience. But remember, if a man harms you just to be nasty, he’s a horrible person, and if the love fades, it was a lovely life experience. Dare to be exposed.

You will be difficult to forget if you open up and dare to be yourself, vulnerable, to joke about as you do with friends, and to be honest about your emotions. And any relationship-worthy man will appreciate your honesty and boldness to communicate precisely what you’re feeling rather than having him seek “how to decipher women.”

Dating does not have to be that difficult:

  • Tell a man you’re interested in him.
  • If you want to go out with him, you should ask him.
  • If a man invites you out and you want to go, go ahead and do it.

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