No 4. Rule Of A Lady And The Art Of Persuasion.

You may disagree with what I am going to write because, even though the rule is humorous and accurate, you may perceive persuasion to be teetering on a fine line when it comes to ethics.

However, you may secretly wish that you were better at “getting your way” with males and so find this piece extremely valuable.

Feminine deception has been a favorite theme for many writers, much as the Greek myths about the Sirens, who had the ability to beguile sailors with their alluring sounds and draw them to their deaths. And there’s no disputing that when it comes to guys, we women have some enticing talents.

You may have forced a man to buy you a drink at a bar even if you weren’t interested in him or had no intention of giving him your phone number. Perhaps you utilized your feminine charm to avoid a speeding ticket or to have a guy buddy operate as your personal taxi service. Perhaps you received assistance from a stranger or a job offer. Oh, the things women obtain by being strategically charming (sometimes called as -manipulative-, although I think strategically charming is a nicer way to put it).

We learnt early in childhood that a little grin may have a big impact on someone and get us what we desire. And I think that every woman has this talent and that most of us utilize it, though some may be unconscious of it.

Persuasion is the art of persuading others to do what you want freely, and there are several basic ways that activate your feminine power that men respond to. Being bold, passionate, and funny in your communication with him will undoubtedly enchant him. But it’s typically the simple things that make the most difference: a warm smile, a soothing voice, and decent manners, which you may highlight with little touches to his arm.

So, in essence, we’re discussing -flirting 101-. However, some women are completely unaware of their own feminine strength, while others fully use it.

Well, I’d say it depends on how and for what you utilize it. When your teasing seductions have him cleaning out his bank account to please you with gifts, only to drop him flat on his face when he can’t afford to support your expensive tastes any longer, it’s one thing to flirt your way to a free drink at a bar when you have no intention of giving a guy your number. It’s quite another when your teasing seductions have him cleaning out his bank account to please you with gifts, only to drop him flat on his face when he can

However, if you have a compassionate nature and personal boundaries that you will not cross just to get what you want, I believe that a little persuasion is perfectly acceptable and can make your daily life a little easier. Being secure in and conscious of your feminine skills, and utilizing them to accomplish what you want, can be extremely powerful, in my opinion.

And for those who disagree with my reasoning on this topic, I can only say that men, after all, have their own type of power that they use in their daily lives to achieve their own goals. That is very natural.

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