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The Imaginative Hair Academy had an educational session for Moroccanoil yesterday, and Kayleigh and I were fortunate enough to be able to attend. It was a very fantastic opportunity for us as Moroccanoil devotees to learn exactly all there is to know about the groundbreaking brand and its widespread popularity all over the world. In addition, we got to see Errol Douglas MBE work his magic and create some incredible couture hairstyles using the items that are his personal favourites.

To get things started, the Moroccanoil team took us through the fundamentals, explaining where argan oil originates from and why the consistency of their multi-award winning treatment mix is just right. The kernels of the fruit of the argan tree, which is native to Morocco, are where argan oil is derived. After the fruit is consumed by goats, who are unable to digest the kernels (I know this seems a little revolting, but stay with me), the kernels are collected and crushed to yield a nutrient-dense, viscous oil. The oil is used for medicinal purposes.

Moroccanoil then combines this oil with other substances of the highest pharmaceutical quality, in addition to others that are well guarded trade secrets, in order to achieve the ideal, non-greasy consistency that is adored by all kinds of hair.

After a short break, it was time for Errol Douglas, who is such a well-known figure in the business that we could not contain our excitement at the opportunity to speak with him. He presented many stunning looks that he had created for us, all of which were inspired by his work with Moroccanoil at New York Fashion Week, as well as rising trends and high fashion, couture hair. A hair cage that was sewed into the hair was one of the extremely unique items that he used, along with the largest hair doughnut that any of us had ever seen; in fact, it was even larger than a bagel!

Getting a picture of us together was one of our primary goals. Because Errol is so educated about the business, and because his enthusiasm for Moroccanoil is so infectious, we were happy to be able to sit at his table throughout lunch and have a nice long conversation with him. We both feel like we know even more about the product selection, and we have some exciting ideas to test out in the salon and on as a result of the event as a whole, which was very inspirational.

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