Makeup Tricks and Hacks That Actually Work

How To Make Your Eyes Look Closer Together Or Further Apart?

Do not give up hope if you look in the mirror and see a feature of your face that you wish was a little bit different; it is quite surprising how much of a difference the skillful application of makeup can make to the overall appearance of your face. Simply investigate the possibility of altering it via the use of optical illusions. Using concepts of contouring, I’m going to demonstrate an extremely easy method that you can use to make your eyes seem either more narrowly or more widely set. There is no need for scalpels.

The fundamental principle behind it is as follows: to give the impression that your eyes are more open, apply shimmering bright colors to the inner corner of your eyes and matte dark colors to the outside corner. This draws attention to the gap between your eyes and makes them seem even farther apart, giving you a doe-eyed, Bambi-like appearance…

Focusing on the inner region with shades that are dark and matte causes that area to visibly retreat, which gives the impression that the gap between the eyes is less than it really is. Simple!

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