London Fashion Weekend 2022

On Saturday, I went to Somerset House to participate in London Fashion Weekend, an annual event that takes place immediately after London Fashion Week. It is an excellent chance to get a feel for the ambiance of the major week as well as to see a summary of the most important trends.

My first destination was, unsurprisingly, a beauty store, and it was there that I became acquainted with a brand known as “Beauty In,” which is a Brazilian firm that produces collagen candies. That’s right, gummy bears that are good for your skin since they include hydrolyzed collagen as well as several vitamins. After trying a few, (a lot), I can say with absolute certainty that they have a flavour that is on par with that of gummy bears. Fortunately, there was a very generous box of strawberry-flavored gummy bears included in the goody bag, and I will be testing those out. Yum!

After that, I went and took a quick look at some of the pop-up designer stores. There were quite a number that had limited deals and exceptional rates, like fifty percent off of Roberto Cavalli. However, I did not make a purchase. At this point, I was in desperate need of another beauty fix, so I decided to go check out what Maybelline had been working on…

This was a fantastic concept, and Maybelline, which is one of my favourite “drugstore” products, went above and above to make it happen. When I looked through their gorgeous pick-and-mix type exhibit, I felt like a child at a candy shop. I had already dug around in my goody bag and discovered a leather effect nail polish, so I was happy when a member of the Maybelline team offered me a full size Brow Drama and a cult favourite Baby Lips simply because she thought I’d enjoy them. She also gave me a leather effect nail polish.

At the Label M fashion show, there was a pop-up styling bar where attendees could get a fast re-style. I noticed a lot of fishtail braids, so I believe it’s fair to say that this trend isn’t going away anytime soon!

I attended a ‘Trend Show’ which was basically a summary of the looks from London Fashion Week in 4 key trends….

All Dressed Up in Pink…

Both Antipodium and PPQ demonstrated the power of the colour pink via the use of a variety of textiles and surface textures. All of the lip colours had a matte texture, and they ranged from neutral to bubblegum pink. As for the hair, it was as straight as a poker and very, very shining all throughout. Oh, and if you’re thinking about purchasing a new coat for the next winter season, you should give the colour pink serious consideration; I know I will.

Going Back to Our Roots…

Featuring opulent, cosy designs by designers such as Mulberry, Erdem, and Mary Katrantzou. The eyes were dark and dramatic, with the majority of the women wearing smudges of gold and brown metallic shadow but no liner. The skin looked dewy and nearly naked.

Get in Form…

Use Kerastase Touche Final to get the appearance of wet hair, which was the fashion statement for this area. To achieve this look, the roots should seem smooth, and the ends should look fluffy.

The clunky boots were, in my opinion, the best part of Shape Up… I need to have these.

Victoriana …

The Victoriana style was all about simplicity: monochromatic black, white, and grey one-piece dresses with little or no accessories. It was a highly wearable and traditional aesthetic. A young, undone kind of appearance was achieved by allowing baby hairs and flyaways in the hair to do their own thing while leaving the rest of the hair shiny and with a bit of a mess.

It was a great enjoyable day, and the mood was a lot more relaxed than it was during Fashion Week, so if you haven’t gone before, I would highly suggest going to London Fashion Weekend the next year. If you compare it to Fashion Week, you’ll notice that it’s much more chaotic. When essential looks are reduced into trend-based shows, it is also lot simpler to really learn about them and make mental notes on them.

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