Intelligent Nutrients Hair Products Review (2023)

Intelligent Nutrients is a brand that should be made known to those who value the fact that their hair and beauty products are not only luxurious but also manufactured with love.

Horst Rechelbacher, the inventor of Aveda and Intelligent Nutrients, had a personal purpose to alter the manner in which cosmetics are manufactured. He accomplished this by combining food science with the chemistry of cosmetics.

Every single product has been developed to combine effective, 100% natural components that are completely risk-free in a way that is suitable for skeptics as well as organic food enthusiasts. Horst, like many other beauty enthusiasts, is both angered and alarmed by the ease with which some firms can casually attach labels like natural and organic to their products.

It is easy to forget that the lotions, creams, and sprays that we use on our hair, face, and body might contain hazardous chemicals while we are applying our favorite products, but this is something that should be kept in mind.

The Intelligent Nutrients way of thinking is that anything that we put in or on our body should be beneficial and risk-free; if you wouldn’t put it in your mouth, you shouldn’t put it on your skin! Therefore, all bath, body, hair, and skincare delights produced by Intelligent Nutrients are certified organic and prepared with non-toxic components derived from food. This applies to all of the company’s products.

Horst Rechelbacher’s farm in Osceola, Wisconsin is where the organic components for the product are cultivated. IN collaborates with medical professionals, scientists, and chemists working in the food and cosmetic industries to develop plant-based active formulations that provide better performance. These formulations are made without the use of any synthetic or petrochemically-derived components.

Because neither the components nor the finished products have undergone any kind of cruel or inhumane testing on animals, the formulations’ high performance and sensitivity may be maintained.

5 shrewd justifications for adhering to a natural diet with Intelligent Nutrients:

  1. A Conditioner for Harmonics

During the process of fortifying and cleansing the hair, a luxurious conditioner that is high in restorative antioxidants, as well as essential oils of spearmint, peppermint, vanilla, and rosemary, produces a foam that smells quite pleasant.

  1. Antioxidant Lip Gloss from the USDA, in the Color Purple Maize

A lip color with a high gloss that won’t cling to your lips and also conditions and softens them. This completely natural mixture is, in fact, delicious enough to eat!

  1. Bug Repellent Serum

This is not your typical insect repellent; instead of covering your skin with harmful substances, this all-natural serum protects you against bug bites and stings while remaining completely non-toxic. (It is also safe to apply on the skin of youngsters!)

  1. Perfect Hold Hairspray from the USDA

Your hair won’t be left sticky or crispy, and you won’t have to worry about choking on a mist of chemicals thanks to this product, which gently maintains your style all day long.

  1. Anti-aging Mist

This revitalizing mist not only refreshes but also brightens and enhances the skin’s suppleness. In addition to this, it is wonderful for reviving your appearance throughout the day and fixing your makeup.

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