How to Shape Eyebrows for Beginners?

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We are all aware that first impressions are quite important, and there is no better way to create a fantastic first impression than to begin by looking into eyes and brows that are flawlessly beautiful.

Find the ideal form base on the shape of your face

It is comforting to realize that no two brows are exactly the same, or even consistently comparable to one another.

Finding the ideal form for your brows that complements your face is the first step in the search for attractive brows. You may get your face form by looking in the mirror and drawing lightly around your face, then taking a step back and analyzing the shape. Alternatively, you can find your face shape by drawing on an image to achieve the same effect.

Once you have determined the contour of your face, you may go on to create the ideal brows for your face. You may do this in a breeze by adhering to these three basic actions, as well as having a look at the accompanying photo.

Outline the shape of your eyebrow

Find a tool that is both thin and straight; a lip or eyeliner is a good choice, but you could also use a cosmetic brush or a pen, for example. The beginning of the brow (A) should be positioned such that it is aligned with the corner of the nostril, beginning in line with the outside border of your nostril.

After that, you should go slightly to the left so that the line is now running in the center of the eye. This will provide you with an excellent starting point for the arch of the brow (B)

Finally, stop at the end of the brow in a line with the outer corner of your eye (C)

Decide the thickness and darkness

It’s as easy as choosing how thick you want your brows to be; just remember that the beginning of the brow should wind up at the same height as the end. Waxing results in a finish that is incredibly smooth, while threading achieves a look that is more angular and precise.

TIP >> A darker brow not only draws attention to the structure of your face but also frames it, so consider getting an eyebrow tint (which typically lasts between three and five weeks) or grooming your brows with an eyebrow pencil.

Even though styles and fads are always evolving, I can’t get enough of the thick, black, and powerful brow shapes that celebs are sporting right now…

The Dos and Don’ts!

WARNING: Excessive plucking and waxing may alter the whole contour of your face, and long-term over-plucking can prevent facial hair from growing back.

DO see a professional to examine and evaluate the form; after that, you can simply maintain the shape in the time that passes between sessions.

DO brush all the hairs up and clip the longer hairs, but DON’T EVER REMOVE the long, thick hairs in the middle of your brows or the grey ones.

It is best to avoid plucking or waxing above the brow, since this may substantially alter the form of the face by eliminating even a small number of hairs. However, removing a small number of lighter hairs can help enhance the shape of the face.

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