How to Go From Blonde to Brown at Home?

Britney Goes Brunette – How To Go From Blonde To Brown

Britney Spears is unquestionably one of the most well-known blondes in the world.

However, when she shot an advertisement for her fragrance, it showed that she had gone from blonde to brunette.

The new shade that Britney has chosen for her hair is a rich, dark brown with lighter tones that have been mixed in around the roots. Even though we like her platinum blonde hair, it’s great to see Britney with her natural brown colour again!

If you are considering getting darker, here are some pointers on how to prevent the toxic repercussions that might come with it:

  • Avoid Flat Colour:

The natural colour of brunette hair is more than simply one shade! Make a request to your colourist for a mixture of tones that seem like natural chocolate and caramel.

  • Sulfate-Free is the Way to Go!

My view is that sulfate-free shampoos are the best overall, but if you’re trying for a deeper shade, you definitely don’t want to take any chances with fading! Formulas that are colour-safe and devoid of sulphates, like those found in the Moroccan oil line of shampoos, are ideal for maintaining the vibrancy and shine of coloured hair.

  • Make the Adjustment During the Winter

If you choose a glossy, dark colour during the summer, you’ll have to battle the sun, the sea, and the chlorine, which is a dreadful combination for colour fading in those key early phases of a new colour. If you do decide to go deeper with your hair colour over the summer, be sure to use colour-protecting masks on a consistent basis and to keep your hair well-hydrated by using a nourishing oil throughout the day.

  • Don’t be so scared of yourself!

If you are apprehensive about making a significant alteration to your appearance, discuss progressively going darker with your colourist. It’s possible that adding some deeper tones or lowlights may be enough to satisfy your desire to be a brunette without requiring a total makeover of your appearance.

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