How to Best Enjoy a Massage?

Spa Insider: Massage FAQs Answered!

If you have never had a body massage before but are considering scheduling one, here are a few things to help put your mind at ease….your muscles will be grateful to you for it.

In spite of the fact that getting a massage could seem more like a luxury and a treat for your sore muscles, getting one really has several beneficial effects on your health. Body massage has been shown to improve circulation, which in turn pumps nutrients and oxygen to organs; it also helps lymph drainage, which is your body’s natural way to detoxify impurities; it can soothe and soften muscle aches and pains; it can improve skin condition; it can assist joint mobility, and it can revitalize the senses.

Before your massage

You do not need to do anything special in preparation for your massage; nevertheless, we do not suggest that you have a substantial meal before your massage, simply because it may not be very pleasant to lie on your stomach after eating. Because massage raises blood pressure, which amplifies the effects of alcohol already present in the system, I highly recommend that you abstain from consuming any alcohol before your scheduled session.

Treatment Time

To begin, you and your therapist will have a detailed consultation. The purpose of this is to determine the areas in which you have the most need for attention. The regions around the neck, back, and shoulders are the ones that are most often cited since here is where the majority of individuals carry all of their stress and tension.

You should also take advantage of the consultation to communicate any allergies you may have with the massage therapist since there are always alternate massage mediums. You should also inform your therapist about any areas of pain or recent injuries since, in most cases, these things can be worked around. You may also speak about what pressure you would like, whether it is a delicate touch or a rigorous exercise for the muscles that need to be treated.

Even if you have any medical issues or are taking any medications, treatment may still go forward in the majority of situations, and in fact, some physicians actively suggest it; nevertheless, you are required to let us know about it!

Once you enter the therapy room, which is dimly lit with candles, the therapist will leave you alone so that you may take the time to become comfortable. You have no need to be ashamed since we do things like this all the time. To keep you covered and warm, we provide towels and blankets, and the therapist will only expose the area of your body that they are currently working on.

When you are on the table, you should take the time to enjoy the experience, relax, and maybe get some beauty sleep. If you would rather simply talk to your therapist, we are here for you.

After the Treatment

Following the treatment, it is highly recommended that you consume a large amount of water so that you may fully appreciate the advantages of the massage and cleanse your system. Your muscles will feel wonderfully relaxed, and you’ll notice an immediate loosening in their tension. Sometimes they may give you a minor ache, but when you wake up the following day, you will be shocked at how much more range of motion you have in them.

To maintain the flexibility of your muscles and the calmness of your mind, I suggest getting a full body massage once every two to four weeks. There are many other kinds of massages to try, so when you have had one, why not try another sort of massage like hot stones, deep tissue, or adding a body scrub before your massage to make it seem more like a spa session?

I’m Pregnant, should I have a massage? Is it safe?

Because expectant women also have a need for the tender loving care, it is best to schedule your massage after the first trimester has passed. When I massage pregnant women, I want to make them as comfortable as possible by using a lot of cushions. That way, I don’t have to ask them to rest on their stomachs even once throughout the whole session.

What to Expect at Your First Spa Treatment?

I just like the feeling of entering a brand-new spa or salon for the very first time and discovering the environment and general vibe of the establishment. Since I started working in spas as soon as I graduated high school and continued doing so throughout my undergraduate career, I always knew what to anticipate when I walked into a spa or treatment room.

On the other hand, I receive brand new customers on a daily basis who have never previously indulged in any kind of spa treatment for themselves.

This first piece will hopefully clarify some of your concerns, especially for those of you who have never had the pleasure of getting a facial, massage, or any other kind of spa service (which, by the way, is completely unacceptable!).

  • The process of selecting a therapy

It is common knowledge that spas provide services that are both restorative and soothing; hence, why not treat yourself with a facial or body massage? These are the best options for getting started with your newfound love affair with the spa since not only are they wonderful for your skin, but they are also quite relaxing for your body and mind. If your hands or feet are in need of some TLC, or if you’re thinking about getting tinted or waxed, or if you’re interested in any other body treatments to get ready for summer, we can handle it all.

  • Making a booking…..

It is usually best to schedule in advance by giving us a call, sending us an email, or stopping in to say hello. This is primarily so that you may avoid the disappointment of going in on the day of your appointment and finding that a therapist is already booked solid. You may always just drop in and give it a go on the same day if you’re pressed for time.

  • What one may anticipate…

As soon as you step through the door, you are immediately able to forget about the stresses of the day thanks to the pleasant aroma of essential oils and candles that are burning. You will have a wonderful conversation with your therapist so that we can discover precisely what you want and how fantastic the experience can be for you. This is because we want to make your treatment, regardless of which one you choose, as memorable as it possibly can be. You are also welcome to ask us any questions you may have; don’t be shy; we have probably already answered them all!

  • What it is that you will require…

At the spa, we have everything you could possibly need, so all you have to do is bring yourself and relax while we take care of you.

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