How Do You Do the Smokey Makeup Look?

Tutorial: Springtime Smokey With A 60s Twist!

My anticipation for tasting a Daniel Sandler Quad was over the roof. In general, I have heard really positive things about this business, especially from those who work in the beauty industry. I believe that one of the reasons for this is that Daniel is a well-known makeup artist in his own right, and as a result, he is aware of the preferences of both customers and other makeup artists.

Eyeshadows that apply “wishy-washy” or do not have a significant amount of colour in them are quite problematic for me. If eyeshadow isn’t dense and substantial, I won’t use it since it makes my work more difficult. When I first opened up the quad, I couldn’t help but be interested in the colours that I would find within. There is a frosty white hue, a medium brown with ruddy undertones, a matte black, and a dazzling, glittering silver shadow in the Scandal At Midnight Quad. The latter was the first thing that drew my attention and was also the reason I walked in. When I took a glance at the colour I had been testing, I let out a satisfied sigh and was pleased with what I saw. Yes, it was able to pass the “ooh” test, and it had a great deal of pigment.

When I started to develop the style that I had seen in my brain, things started to go in a very different direction than I had anticipated! What started off as a smoky look for the springtime evolved into dramatic and glamorous makeup with a trace of influence from the sixties. In my opinion, the only way to properly evaluate the performance of an eyeshadow is to use it to create a look that is both unique and striking. The result of much experimentation, mixing, and even more, blending is presented here in its final form. Voila! I made it in the following way:

Step 1) I started by shaping my brows into an arch before I ever touched my eyes with makeup. After that, I placed a highlighter behind my brow using the white frosty eyeshadow. Because I wanted the most vibrant portion of the colour to be on my brow bone, which is located just beneath the upward curve of my eyebrow, I concentrated the eyeshadow there. This raises the brow and draws attention to the area in question. I highlighted the inner corner of my eye with the same colour that I used for the rest of my eyeshadow. When the smokiness is applied, both of these highlights serve to brighten the eye region and prevent it from seeming as if it is smaller and closed.

Step 2) after that I applied the eyeshadow with the silver glitter all over my eyelid, including the area beneath my lower lash line. It is important to apply a generous amount of glitter on your brush if you want it to be noticeable. Otherwise, it will simply be a soft wash of silver, which is still gorgeous, but if you are going for it, commit to it and do it!

Step 3) Using a fluffy blending brush and the medium brown colour, I started to bring the colour into the outer crease of the eye. Eyeshadow may be well blended and a gradient appearance can be achieved on the eye if the brush is not loaded with an excessive amount of substance. After that, I used black to really accentuate and deepen the colour that I had applied in the crease, which gave the eye more dimension.

Step 4) Then, using an angled brush, I applied the white frosty colour beneath the lower lash line to create a solid colour. This was the last step. Following this, I took the black marker and drew a thick line below the white, then I flicked the line out at the beginning and the finish.

Step 5) After that, I used liquid liner to draw a dramatic thick line, including a flick that is parallel to the black line that I had drawn beneath the eye. If you want this method to work, the lines have to be perfectly parallel to one another and the same width. If they are not, the method will not be successful. After that, I put on some mascara.

Step 6) Lastly, I completed the look by giving my lips an ombre effect with a red colour. I simply used lipstick on my cupid’s bow and the lines that extend outward from my lips. After that, I rubbed my lips together in a thorough manner to ensure that the colour was distributed evenly and to produce a fading ombre look with the red and my natural lip colour.

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