Halloween Sunset Makeup Tutorial

The month of October has here, but before we get carried away with preparing our Halloween costumes and looking forward to that enchanted weekend when we get an additional hour in bed, let’s take a moment to pause and think about the makeup.

Are you still having trouble coming up with a costume for Halloween fun? One of the most powerful ways to alter is to be creative with your makeup; all you need to do is follow this easy-to-follow guide by Heather from cosmetics mouse, which is just cute, and you’ll be ready to go.

  1. Using “Envious Erin” from the Balm Shady Lady Volume 3 Palette, apply it as a shimmering creamy highlight across the brow bone and in the exact center of the lids.
  2. Apply “Racy Kacy” to the inner and outer corners of the upper lid as well as the area above the crease, and then blend it in so that it becomes part of the highlight shade. After that, use “Safe Bet Anette” as a transitional shade all over the top lid with a fluffy brush to provide a seamless transition between the colors.
  3. Using a purple pencil, draw a line along the lower waterline, and then blend “All the Way Annie” down into the lower lid to extend this line.
  4. Apply “Guilty Gwen” with a fluffy brush to the outside V region to create depth, and then use “Runaround Rebecca” to give a colorful highlight to the inner corner of the eye.
  5. Outline the eyes with a thick winged liner and add a little inner point for an extended eye shape. Next, apply lengthy fake lashes (mine were cheapies from a pound store!) and you’re done! then apply a layer of mascara to the lashes. You should draw in your brows as you normally would. If you want to keep the look as it is, you will have a smoky eye that is both beautiful and eerie due to the colors used.
  6. To take this appearance to the next level and add a little Halloween fun, take your standard black liquid liner and draw some small bats around the darkest regions of the eye. Then, using a white liner, draw a little crescent moon and stars. This will bring this look to the next level. Spooky!

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