Guide For Ladies 2.0

I am thrilled to inform that the Guide for Ladies will re-launch on June 8th (next week)!

I’ve spent the last several months prepping everything for the re-launch of this website, and let me tell you, it’s been a long time! You will soon see my own visual stuff (my own images and perhaps You will soon see my own visual stuff (my own images and perhaps even my own art), which I am really pleased about.

It gives me more flexibility to create visual material since I can more easily ensure that the photos represent what I want to express with my articles and website. Also, since I am a very creative person, I now have a fully-fledged outlet for my creativity.

My standards will remain the same, as will my essays on ethics, self-worth, money, body image, happiness, and self-improvement. However, as part of this relaunch, I will begin to offer my own style and beauty blogs.

So, in addition to reading my writings, you will now be able to view images of my surroundings, trips, and my obsession with bright patterns, pastels, and lovely landscapes.

Expect three posts every week, with a rare fourth bonus article. Next week, look for a post on Lady Rule No. 6, my very first style post, and another post that I’ve decided to keep a mystery for the time being.

So, as much as I like sharing my ideas and views about life with you, I am not a fan of talking to myself, so please continue to participate.

Trust me when I say that the finest part of administering the Guide for Ladies is all of your wonderful comments and opinions.

You may think I’m here to educate you, but I’m really learning a lot from you ladies.
I really hope you appreciate the improvements and continue to read my site, and let’s keep the conversation going!

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