Easy Gingerbread Nail Art for Christmas 2023

Christmas Countdown | Easy Gingerbread Nail Art

Not the buttons made of gumdrops!

Yes, the chewy candy buttons and the scrumptious frosting as well. Because there is no nail art design that is much simpler than this one, it is an excellent choice for adding a splash of holiday cheer to your manicure at the very last minute before rushing out to a Christmas party. I chose for a combination of glitter that was inspired by snowglobes and adorable gingerbread accents, but I believe that either concept could stand on its own if you were truly pressed for time. Therefore, this is how to get the appearance:

Use a base coat to nourish your nails and avoid staining; I choose OPI Nail Envy since it dries very fast, makes it easier to apply polish smoothly, and prevents staining. Easy.

The next step is to apply two coats of OPI San Tan-Tonio and then wait for it to dry; this will be your biscuit foundation; it will taste delicious!

Paint a little circle at the base of your nail with OPI La Paz-Itively Hot using a thin nail art brush or an old (clean) lip brush. Next, draw two small triangles each side of this, and then colour in, bringing the forms together to produce a cute little bow tie.

After cleaning the brush, dip it in a polish with a pastel colour, such as butter London’s Molly Coddled, and then apply two little circles, one on top of the other, using a gentle dabbering motion.

Buttons, done.

After you have given the details some time to dry, it is time to take a white nail art pen and begin working on the “icing.” Create a thin line that is wavy all the way across the width of your nail. Continue to go over the line to make it thicker until you have the desired consistency for your frosting.

It’s up to you whether you want to repeat the process on the rest of your nails or just one finger on each hand. I wanted to make a dazzling statement with my ring finger, so I added a glitter top coat.

Remember to add a clear top coat on the gingerbread pattern, wait for it to dry, and then take a moment to appreciate your job!

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