Demon Mermaid Monster Halloween Makeup Tutorial

This Halloween, utilise the Shady Lady Volume 3 Palette and this amazing guide from Heather, the creator of makeupmouse, to transform yourself into a monster from the deep.

  1. On a palette, make a light skin tone shade by combining white face paint and your foundation in equal amounts. Then, using a stippling brush, apply this shade evenly all over your face, being sure to cover your ears and neck as well. This may be held in place using a powder that is white and transparent.
  2. Using a flat shader brush, apply the shade “Open to Offers Olwen” from the Shady Lady Palette Volume 3 in a circle shape above the eyebrows. Blend the shade down over the eyelids, beneath the eyes, and down the sides of the nose as if you were contouring. This results in the face taking on a more unnatural appearance. In addition, buff this colour over the chin, the area just below the cheekbones, and all over the lips. 3. Apply “Runaround Rebecca” as a highlighter with a green undertone to the centre of the eyelids using a brush that has been dipped in water. This will increase the colour intensity.
  3. Using a tiny shadow brush and the colour “Guilty Gwen,” darken the borders of the rounded contours around the eyes and the contour of the nose. Apply this colour to the inside and outside corners of your eyes with a fluffy brush and blend it out for a smoky look. Also, use this shade to darken the exact centre of the lips, and draw a vertical line of shadow above and below the lips.
  4. Using a thin liner brush and water-activated face paints in shades of green and blue, create the appearance of seaweed by drawing a multitude of wavy lines that overlap one another and radiate forth from the eyes and down the cheeks. Create a black liner by adding “Guilty Gwen” to water or another mixing medium and then applying it to these lines to darken them. Repeat the process on the chin, and then use this mixture to create a variety of spots and speckles all over the face for extra texture.
  5. Using the same face paints, draw some gills behind the cheekbones. Add a small bit of red face paint along the lines to make them seem like they are inflamed and hurting.
  6. To create a shimmering highlight, apply “Lusty Lee” with a large blending brush to the high parts of the face. This step should be done last.
  7. Apply fake lashes and line the upper and lower lashlines as well as the waterlines with a black pencil. I layered two sets of lashes on top of each other on the upper lids for more drama (after all, it is Halloween), and I used accent lashes on the lower lids. Applying mascara as a finishing touch to the eyes will help everything come together seamlessly, and then you’re done! You are a slimy, wicked mermaid.

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