Colour Trend: Ombré Nature

I had sensed for some time that it was about time for a shift in my circumstances. My hair had been highlighted and bleached for many years, so it had begun to appear ragged. That is without a doubt the most appropriate term for it.

My roots had become ashy from the bleach, and the absence of toner had made my blonde seem too yellow for my taste.

After that, I made an appointment with Senior Colourist Drew at the mysalonlooks salon in Hove. After looking at some of our favourite celebrity hair colours on one of the iPad Minis provided by the salon, we decided to book an appointment (Adele, Jennifer Aniston & Drew Barrymore to name a few). We began to discuss the possibility of going with an ombré or dip-dye aesthetic.

The most fundamental kind of ombré is a colour gradient that goes either from light to dark or from dark to light. Drew described how she planned to incorporate a deeper shade into my hair’s roots and then add brighter tones that progressively became lighter down the length of my hair. We came to the conclusion that my previous highlights were worn out, and that it was high time for darker, but more natural colours; thus, we said farewell to my golden hair!

Drew chose colours from the L’Oréal Ombré Nature Collection. These tones modernise the traditional ombré look by mixing deep brown tones with ombré highlights that are sprinkled throughout.

After having a few cups of tea and a lengthy conversation, it was time to take down the foils and make our way to the magnificent Oasis Area.

Customers may have their hair washed and conditioned in this area; the process entails reclining in a massage chair that is really comfortable and listening to music that is soothing. The relaxing atmosphere created by the softly coloured mood lighting and the exquisitely scented products from Shu Uemura that Drew used provided for a very delightful experience.

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