2023 Christmas Party Looks & Makeup Tips!

At the London College of Fashion on Saturday morning, I was fortunate enough to be able to participate in a seminar given by Daniel Sandler. The topic of the event was “Christmas Party Looks,” and Daniel covered a broad variety of products and methods suitable for women of various ages and types, each with a glimmering touch appropriate for the holiday season.

Daniel produced over three stunning models. The fact that he used models of many ages and ethnicities made the demos incredibly inclusive, and there was an enjoyable, laid-back attitude; it was like getting ready with a buddy. Daniel made over three lovely models. It was time to get started, and we had face charts and pencils all set up and ready to go…

The cranberry smokey eye was my favourite look. I’ve always been hesitant about applying pinks and reds to my eyes since I believed they would make my eyes appear red and puffy. But this look changed my mind. Daniel emphasised that everyone can wear any colour; all one needs to do is experiment with various textures and finishes to find out which ones look best on them; there are no hard and fast rules. In order to get the cranberry smoky eye look, Daniel started by applying a foundation of the brand new Bourjois Colour Edition 24-Hour Eyeshadow in Prune Nocturne. Next, he blended in some of the more subtle gold and brown hues from the Beyond Sunset Eyeshadow Quad.

It was incredibly intriguing to watch how the makeup appeared both in the flesh and on the camera since all of the looks were made directly in front of the crowd… and a fairly terrifying HD camera. The models may have been understandably nervous about sitting in front of a camera that exposes almost every pore and line on their face, but the final results were stunning, natural-looking makeup that had a joyful shine to it.

We learned so many wonderful techniques at the conference, and we felt that they would form an excellent “cheat sheet” for the holidays….

Cheat Sheet for the Christmas Makeup:

Eyes First – If you want to create a colourful or dramatic eye look, apply your eye makeup first, before your foundation, and then go on to the rest of your face. In this manner, it will be much simpler for you to wipe up product fallout, such as dropped shadow or smudged eyeliner, without affecting the pristine appearance of your foundation.

Sellotape – Sellotape may be used to carefully remove any glitter or shadow that could go on your foundation in the event that it happens.

Layering – The best way to ensure that your makeup stays in place during the holiday season is to layer it, in addition to using primer. Daniel suggested applying many thin layers of makeup to get a more durable and long-lasting look that would not budge.

Dark Circle Distraction – Eyeshadow Colors That Distract From Dark Circles Using colours that are smoky, dark, and gentle can help to draw attention away from dark circles under the eyes.

Mature Shine – Even when you’re older, your eyes may still look amazing if you put some sparkle in them! Instead of applying sparkly formulations all over the lid, patting them along the lash line will provide the most impressive results.

Longer-Lasting Lip Colour – Make your lip colour last longer by using a matte lipstick first, followed by a gloss. Lipsticks with a matte finish are intended to stay on the lips longer than those with a creamier or glossier texture.

Lip Liner – For a more natural look and a softer finish, line your lips with lip liner after applying lipstick.

Acne Scars – Scars from Acne Foundation should be applied first, followed by concealer, for the smoothest possible coverage.

Dramatic Brows – Shavata stencils are the key to beautifully defined, dramatic brows, and they are the best kept secret in the beauty industry.

Enhance Those Eyes – Make Your Eyes Stand Out Try using eyeshadow in a shade that is the opposite of your natural eye colour to draw attention to your eyes.

Lash Curling Trick – Tip for Curling Lashes If you notice that your eyelashes continue to stand upright even after you curl them, try gently and continuously compressing them as you make your way up the eyelashes.

Daniel’s 5-Minute Face – Whether you’re racing to a Christmas party after work or rushing to get ready before opening your gifts, all you need to do is apply some moisturiser, concealer, liner, mascara, and lip gloss, and you’ll be set to go!

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