Christmas Countdown | Party Season Skin Prep

You are worn out from all of your Christmas shopping and you are starting to feel the cold, but you have a Christmas party to attend and you need to appear radiant and beautiful.

The solution is to indulge yourself with some high-end skin care products!

It wasn’t until I upgraded from the inexpensive sachets to more results oriented products that I realised the immediate impact that face masks can make to your complexion. Although I’ve always enjoyed using face masks at home, I didn’t realise how much of a difference they can make until I made the transition. When it comes to skincare, I have a tendency to be a complete sceptic; the more magical promises a business makes about a product, the more I find myself thinking, “Oh really?”

In spite of this, there are two face masks that have lately won me over completely: the Resurfacing Mask by Tata Harper and the SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment by GlamGlow. I cannot suggest these products highly enough for skin that needs to look its best for a party since they immediately increase the clarity of the skin, eliminate any unsightly bumps, and leave the skin feeling stunningly clean and polished. The fact that these masks leave the face feeling so silky smooth is my absolute favourite benefit of using them. If you apply one of these masks in the evening, your makeup will almost slide on to your skin the following morning, and you will have beautiful and radiant skin.

Resurfacing Mask:

The very first time I used this mask, I was blown away by how well it worked. Just a few days before I got this mask, I had tried out a new exfoliater (I’m not sure why I did this because acid toning works much better for me than scrubs), and it had left me with milia around my eyes, which is a bad sign. This mask completely eliminated those milia.

Milia are little white lumps that appear below the epidermis. They may often be seen on the high points of the cheekbones or just below the eyes.

After applying this mask only once, the milia were GONE, fully gone, and they haven’t come back after since. Only in case that wasn’t enough, this mask also minimises the appearance of blemishes, softens wrinkles, and refines pores, resulting in a revitalised and radiant appearance in just thirty minutes.

The jar is both substantial and well-made, which is exactly what one would want from an item with such a high-end price tag; also, the gold lid is a very wonderful and elegant finishing touch. The real mask has the appearance of Turkish delight and smells like sweet royal jelly; it is quite calming to use after a brisk walk home in the winter weather. Despite the fact that I applied this mask with a little too much zeal each time, I still have a significant amount of product remaining after using it around six times. Definitely something you should indulge in this Christmas, either for yourself or for a fortunate loved one in your life!


Apply this mask on your face if your skin is breaking out. When a pre-party zit rears its ugly head and attempts to spoil everything, you want something that will decrease redness, decongest, and speed up the healing process. This is precisely what you get with this product! You can literally see the oil and impurities being sucked out of your pores as this mask dries, as it becomes darker on the regions where this is happening, which is often the T Zone.

Even while I don’t really want to lend any of mine out to anybody else (the jar isn’t that big! ), I still want to spread the word about this product. It is such a wonderful treatment that you can apply on the spot, and when you use it as a full face mask, your skin simply feels so clean, revitalised, and completely smooth. It is an excellent therapy. It targets, repairs, and prevents imperfections, and you can notice a genuine improvement from the very first time you apply it. This mud mask is unlike any other mud mask that I have ever tried.

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