Best Cheap Beauty Stocking Fillers (2023 Christmas Countdown)

Our most recent blog series, “Christmas Countdown,” will begin today with a guide to the most useful and enjoyable beauty stocking stuffers, and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you! The first of December is so near that I can almost hear jingle bells. Therefore, it is time to be organised, and the following inexpensive but undeniably exquisite presents are not only wonderful for stuffing stockings but also work well as gifts for secret Santas….


  • Burt’s Bees Honeybee Favourites

In my view, these goods are a fail-safe alternative since they work for everyone. This set is a true treat for dry skin since it includes a pomegranate lip balm that tastes delicious and a milk and honey body lotion that comes in a cute little gift case.

  • Steamcream

A moisturizer that may be used on the face, hands, and body, and that is not only effective but also very mild; moreover, the tin can be used as a wonderful souvenir.

  • Balmi Moisturising Lip Cube – Mint Flavour

These adorable tiny cubes are a discovery since they are great for avoiding chapped lips throughout the whole year. The pointed tip makes application a breeze, and its peppermint flavor is not only pleasant but also fitting for the holiday season.

  • Bio-Oil

Bio-Oil believes that everybody tells a story and that the marks on our skin are just “Footprints of the journey we’ve been through and the experiences that make us the person we are today.” Bio-Oil is used all over the world to improve the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

You should be proud of your scars because they tell a tale about your life and demonstrate that you are tough…

I’ve never been attacked by a shark or even carried a child, but once I started counting my scars, I found quite a few of them and began to remember not only how much they used to bother me, but also the circumstances in which I got them. So, let’s talk about my scars. I’ve never been bitten by a shark, and I’ve never even carried a child.

I have one on my knee from tripping down concrete steps when I was a child, a teeny weeny chicken pox scar just below my hairline, a vaccination scar on my left arm, and a burn on my left wrist from the oven shelf that I got when I was cooking banana muffins – oh yeah, it’s been one wild ride and I’ve got the scars to prove it!:) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

My vaccination scar used to be much larger, and it seemed that I was the only one among my classmates who was left with a massive red scar after receiving a BCG injection. I was the only one who had this experience. I had a lot of anxiety about it, and I detested it when other people inquired about it, which they did often (I know, that shows how insensitive they are).

I seldom really notice that scar anymore, but whenever I do, it brings back memories of when I was a carefree schoolgirl who didn’t really give a damn about anything in the outside world. The fact that you have been immunized against potentially harmful illnesses is another source of comfort…

This eerie and sentimental session is attempting to get over the idea that every scar truly does tell a story, and that Christmas is the best time ever for you to tell that to someone with a scar.

Bath, Body & Home:

  • Decleor Arome Euphoric Effervescent Bath Pebbles 4x 25g

These wonderful, sparkling stones will fill your bathroom with the calming scents of rose, camomile, and geranium while you soak in the tub. They come in their own little packages, making them a convenient and speedy pick-me-up for those dreary winter nights. The most exquisite and ethereal scent is produced by essential oils.

  • St Tropez Perfect Legs Spray

Because I am a bit of a chicken when it comes to the cold, I find it most comfortable to wrap myself in many layers of clothes. However, if you know someone who is courageous enough to go tight-less, I admire them… I recommend that you get them a pair of St. Tropez Perfect Legs as a gift. As is the case with all tried-and-true St. Tropez products, you can relax and take pleasure in an even, golden tan without having to worry about streaks or spots. The ideal accessory for the upcoming party season!

  • Decleor Aroma Gift Pomander

I am aware that this one is really just about to cross the £15 threshold, which means that it does not precisely adhere to the criterion outlined in the headline of this piece; but, I felt compelled to add it since the Decleor Pomander is so wonderful. To begin, it is golden and shaped like a large jingle bell; it is strung on a fashionable ribbon, and it exudes a lovely and reassuring Christmas scent! Ideal for injecting the Christmas season with some of the merry charm and serene spirit that it deserves.


  • butter LONDON Nail Lacquer in Rosie Lee

If I discovered Rosie Lee in my stocking on Christmas morning, I would immediately start “sparkling up,” since Christmas would not be Christmas without a little bit of glitter, and if that were to happen, Christmas would not be Christmas. This luxurious lacquer just only two fast applications to leave the tips of your fingers sparkling with rose glitter. Love, love, love it.

  • OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil to Go

A solution that is not only very practical but also a pleasure to use, Avoplex to go quickly moisturises cuticles with an extract from ripe avocados. The nourishing formula and the brush applicator make everything simple to use, and they both take care of the skin.

  • OPI San Francisco Little Bits Of Chic Mini Pack

This Mini Pack comprises four pinkie-sized colours from the San Francisco Collection, and it is an absolute need for anybody who is obsessed with their nails.


  • bareMinerals Shimmer Eye colour in Celestine

When it comes to the shimmer and shine of Christmas, I believe that more is better. The rich, shimmering pewter pigment in this ultra-creamy shadow creates an effect similar to that of foil when applied to the eyelids. A colour that, when I was swatching it on my palm, caused me to really utter the word “Phwoar.”

  • Daniel Sandler Luxury Matte Lipstick in Marilyn

You can make your flawless pout last as long as the party with lipstick that has a formula that is thick and nourishing like Daniel Sandler’s Luxury Matte Lipstick. Red lips are very festive! A teeny-tiny dose of opulence that will make the Christmas morning unwrapping all the more exciting.

  • theBalm Lumizer Mary Lou-Manizer

This funky highlighter from theBalm is ideal for both seasoned makeup artists and beginners since it is incredibly simple to use and imparts an immediate glow to all different types of skin. A luxurious and useful product that comes in beautiful and approachable packaging that is inspired by the past (ideal for secret Santa).

  • Balmi!

The females from MSL have completely lost their minds about Balmi! Not only are these nourishing lip balm cubes highly handy, but they also leave dry lips feeling irresistibly smooth and soft. After conducting thorough tests, we are pleased to report that all of the flavours, including Mint, Coconut, Strawberry, and Raspberry, are outstanding (and smell fantastic).


  • L’Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil Masque

This luxurious treatment masque revives dry, fatigued hair, leaving locks silky, shining, and sleek. Christmas is a time to relax and enjoy, and this masque is the perfect way to do both. This masque, like all other products made by Mythic Oil, has a lovely scent, and the gold decorations on the container just shout, “treat yourself.”

  • Moroccanoil Treatment 25ml

This adorable little bottle is the ideal way to provide someone with their first experience with Moroccanoil. The standard formulation is perfect for all kinds of hair, but it works especially well on thick, unruly hair, whilst the light formula is more suitable for thin, light-coloured hair. The beginning of an infatuation with the hydrating and revitalising formulas of Moroccanoil.

  • GHD Jewel Collection

My current pair of GHD straighteners are perfect in every way…except for the fact that their colour isn’t emerald green. This limited edition collection is so desirable that each jewel-coloured styler (you may select from Sapphire, Amethyst, or Emerald) even comes with a matching paddle brush. This collection is available for a short time only. These just became available again today after being out of stock for a few days after their introduction; thus, you should get them immediately while you still have the opportunity to do so.

  • L’Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil Hair Perfume

A Necessary Luxury: Rejoice, all you aficionados of Mythic Oil! The formulation of a delicious hair aroma was L’Oreal Professionnel’s contribution to elevating the luxurious qualities of this nourishing oil treatment.

This delicate scent is not at all overbearing, thanks to the presence of creamy vanilla and white flowery jasmine; nonetheless, it does manage to leave an impression thanks to its elegant warmth, musk, and sweetness.

Your hair will be left supple and lustrous, and it will smell absolutely beautiful.

When you forget that you applied it in the morning rush but then swish your hair, aah, nice. You can also use Le Parfum as a body fragrance for a deeper perfume. However, applying it to your hair is definitely the most enjoyable way to utilise it.

What comes next for Mythic Oil, given that it currently offers shampoos, conditioners, and masks in its lineup of products?

I really hope there will be additional perfumes, as well as some smaller sizes!

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