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Every beauty enthusiast is aware that going online and educating themselves is the best way to stay abreast of the most recent information on new product releases, trends, and cosmetics news. In addition to the outstanding Allure magazine, I also receive my fill of beauty information from some of my favorite websites. These are some of the most recent books that I think you should read:

Tatooed Tealady

In her talkative and pleasant pieces, Sophia discusses the cosmetics, skincare, hair, and body products that she enjoys using the most. Even though her evaluations are sincere, her site does not include a lot of negative commentaries, which is one of the things that I particularly like about it. Recently, Sophia kicked out the #MyLittleSkincareProject with a group of other bloggers who are passionate about skincare. Their goal is to develop a series of blogs that cater to a variety of skin types and issues.

Petite Sal

This site is my most recent go-to for a fantastic FOTD or OOTD, and I particularly like the variety of items it has, including reviews, style blogs, and cosmetics looks. The fact that Sal lives in the Netherlands and has such gorgeous hair makes me really envious!

Beauty Best Friend

It is clear that the author of Beauty Best Friend has a genuine passion for the products she reviews. This site has such a wonderful and genuine vibe to it, and I believe that’s mostly due to the fact that the design and pictures work so well together. Check out its basic nail art instructions, which are also very easy to understand and implement.

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