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Due to the fact that I am a huge OPI fan, collector, and overall obsessive, I was beyond ecstatic when I received an invitation to attend the press presentation of the fresh new collections for Spring and Summer 2014. You’re about to have a major case of the colour crush!

I was fortunate to meet Suzi Weiss-Fischman, the Executive Vice President and Artistic Director of OPI, and she delivered a presentation on the new collections. Getting a sneak glimpse at these amazing new colours wasn’t enough; I also got the opportunity to talk to her about the new collections. Not only did Suzi demonstrate what a potent fashion accessory nail lacquer can be, but she also described how it makes women feel. I found her lecture to be incredibly intriguing because not only did she illustrate how strong nail lacquer can be, but she also highlighted how it makes women feel.

“OPI provides women the ability to express themselves as well as permission to do so.”

Suzi spoke about the roots of the company and the journey that served as an inspiration to them, from the very first drop of colours in 1989 to their whirlwind travels backstage at some of the largest events during New York fashion week.

The Gwen Stefani Collection will be available for purchase throughout the month of February and will include seven exclusive colorways. From her days in No Doubt through Love, Gwen has been one of my favourite artists for a very long time. Angel. Music. As it was in the 1990s and during her Hollaback heyday, Baby, her signature style is just as relevant now as it was then. The collection is based on the way Gwen has always utilised beauty to convey her one-of-a-kind sense of style, such as by experimenting with different nail art and, of course, by wearing her distinctive red lips. Some of the colours in this collection have what is called a “Satin Finish.” This means that they dry semi-matte and do not need a topcoat. The finish is shining without being glossy; it is adorable and quirky, just like Gwen!

“With her talents as a singer, composer, and designer, who better to partner with than Gwen Stefani?” is how Suzi herself put it.

The following are some of my current favourites:

Over & Over A-Gwen – This classic red hue serves as the collection’s namesake and was conceived as a nod to Gwen’s characteristic pout. This colour will also be offered in a boxed set with Swarovski black crystals as well as silver, gold, and pewter studs. I think this is a fantastic concept, and it brings back fond memories of Gwen’s bindi days.

4 In The Morning is a new hue with a satin texture. This Chanel-esque matte black is fantastic and has a classic look.

Hey Baby is not only a fantastic song by No Doubt, but it is also a daring and glossy pink creme nail colour.

Next, it was Suzi’s turn to present the Brazil Collection, and I’m happy to report that this one is a veritable parade of colour! Prepare yourself for the release of 12 completely new, limited edition lacquer hues as well as 4 new liquid sand polishes. These colours, which are both stunningly vivid and daring, are immediately uplifting, and making a fashion statement with them is a simple way to do it, as Suzi explains:

“Through the Brazil Collection, with colours that are steeped in colour and filled with shine, women are given the opportunity to express themselves, showcasing the seductive, intriguing, fun, and adventurous sides of their personalities.”

The liquid sand tones will be available in a little pack that will be marketed under the name “Beach Sandies Liquid Sand.” These hues have an authentic island vibe. If you haven’t tried Liquid Sand yet, I highly suggest it, particularly if you have a bit of a magpie personality and are a fan of shimmering nail paint. It is easy to apply and does not need a topcoat, so it will last for days.

The following items are my top choices from the Brazil Collection:

This earthy tone is quite wearable and offers something a little bit different for a Spring / Summer Collection. First of all, what a fantastically cheeky name! Second of all, this earthy tone is really wearable. Taupe-Less Beach.

AmazON…AmazOFF – This one is likely to be a fan favourite at the pedi because of its amazing shine and vivid jungle green colour.

You’re So Flippy Floppy, You’re So Flippy This hue is just perfect for the summer since it is shimmery and bright yellow. The colour that is ideal for Liquid Sand, this is the shade that reminds me of Brazil the most.

These new collections include a lot of “wow” colours that really stand out, and I believe that the themes flow strongly across the hues of the collection as a whole, so I am extremely enthusiastic about them. Despite the fact that Fall and Winter are two of my favourite seasons, I must confess that I can’t wait till I can dance in the sunlight to “I Just Can’t Cope-Acabana” while sipping a drink and listening to “Hey Baby” on repeat.

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