BAFTA Beauty 2022 – The Highlights

Cate Blanchett in satin, Leo blowing kisses to the camera, and Brangelina in matching suits stole the show at 2014’s BAFTAs. Of course, I was scrutinizing the hair and cosmetics with forensic accuracy, so here are some of my favorite red carpet looks…

Angelina Jolie was wearing a classic nude lip and massive lashes. Her eyes remained open and fresh thanks to a small dab of golden liner beneath her waterline. Her hair was quite understated, with casual waves and healthy sheen – the basic hair allowed us to focus on her lovely features and her YSL suit.

Amy Adams kept her foundation makeup simple, with perfect skin and peachy blush, but she added some red carpet glam with a glossy berry stained lip. Her slicked back bun accentuated her flawless makeup while being beautiful and subtle.

Lupita Nyong’o wore sparkling blue eyeshadow and traditional Hollywood red lips. The true reason Lupita’s look is making such an impression is her radiant skin – her complexion is bright and healthy without seeming like she’s wearing inches of HD foundation.

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