Back to School Nail Ideas (Simple & Cute)

Glitter Gradient Nails

This glittering step-by-step tutorial will help you get your nails school or weekend-ready in no time…

You will need a base coat, a top coat, one nail colour for your base, and a second colour (ideally one with a lot of sparkles!). as well as a nail art brush with a fine point.

Step 1

First, apply a foundation, and then two coats of the base colour you’ve selected. I used the shade Lady in Black from OPI.

Step 2

My customer decided to use OPI All Sparkly and Gold for your second colour; alternatively, you might choose I Juggle…

Men, apply polish to the top one-third of their nails (from the cuticle up), then wipe the brush clean and dab the colour gently up to the top of the nail to fade it out.

If you have a clean gel brush, you may use it to wipe away any extra glitter and to help spread it out evenly. This will help prevent clumping.

Step 3

Complete the look with an OPI Top Coat for a finish that will stay!

Nude Nails

Neutral tones are in style right now, and you can see them on everything from catwalk manicures to neutral lip glosses. Ironically, although these colours are cool and sophisticated, they do not complement all skin tones and hence do not go with all clothing and styles.

The one and the only problem with the majority of nude tones is the oversimplification of the term “nude.” To put it more clearly, do all of us have the same appearance when we are naked?


What one company refers to as “naked” or “flesh toned” seldom corresponds to real skin tones; hence, a nude cosmetics collection that comprises just four hues is not likely to be appealing to or suitable for everyone.

Because of this, we are huge fans of Yummy Mummy by butter LONDON, which is a neutral hue that looks great on all different types of skin. This is not a shade that will blend in with your skin; rather, it is one that will accentuate and draw attention to the natural beauty of your complexion.

When applied to pale skin, it has the appearance of a mushroom; when applied to warmer tones, it has the appearance of a pearly stone; and when applied to a darker complexion, it dries to a delicate pink colour.

Short Nails

Even nails that are short and sweet may still make a fashion statement:

I’m a sucker for classic manicure shapes, and Barbra Streisand-style long almond nails are just so gorgeous. However, this nail shape from Essie is one that I truly really adore.

They have a very polished and exact appearance, and, let’s face it, they are far more wearable than stiletto styles.

Half Moon Mani

It’s high time I gave the Half-Moon Mani a shot:

Instead of accentuating the tips of your nails in the traditional fashion of a “french mani,” try painting a bold colour onto the little half circle that is located at the base of your nail instead. This is such a lovely appearance! Tip: Use the stickers that come with ring reinforcers as guidance! (The adhesive stickers that are used to patch holes in ripped paper.)

Windowpane Design

The windowpane design on your nails is an absolute must-try!

There are no grey areas here; the Tracey Reese catwalk had an amazing appearance that reminded me of windowpanes. To create the lines, use a black nail art pen over a foundation of a solid primary colour. Finish with a top coat; in my opinion, this design appears best when the nails are really glossy. You’ve told me before that you desire black lines.

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