5 Ways To Enjoy Being Single On Valentine’s Day

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and because my Lady guidelines dictate my weekly themes (this week is all about being a woman a man needs rather than a woman who needs a man), I decided to devote my Valentine’s Day post contribution to all the single women out there.

So, as I previously said, Valentine’s Day is approaching – and you’re single. GREAT. Even if you’re completely content with your single state, it stings a little when your non-single pals talk about their plans and give you the “awe you poor thing…” look when you tell them you don’t have any. And maybe this prompts you to Google “single on Valentine’s Day” to see what others do to avoid feeling entirely alone or dull.

If you’ve been searching for “anti-day valentine’s party ideas” or postings encouraging you to boycott and take a stance against Valentine, you’ve probably came across a slew of them.

I don’t believe it’s very effective, since the entire point of the advice above is that making fun of anything others do will make you feel better about yourself. This is plainly unhealthy. Instead, look on the bright side: just because you don’t have a partner doesn’t imply you don’t have love and affection in your life! So, what can you do if you’re single on Valentine’s Day? Here are my five suggestions:

  1. Regardless, give out presents. I like giving people things because it makes them happy. It’s a tiny gesture, but it means a lot to individuals that someone thinks of them. Send flowers, sweets, or a teddy bear! Send it to your mother, father, closest friends, brothers or sisters, or even to someone you know who is unmarried and seems to be depressed or anti-Day. Valentine’s This will make them happy, and you will get to do what most people do on this day, and everyone who received a present from you will phone you and thank you as soon as the gift comes.
  2. Spend time with your family or host a dinner party for your friends. Make a supper for your buddies at home and drink some wine. Make it more fun by giving out notes when people arrive with something they have to do before the night is over, such as “switch wineglasses with the one beside you at the dinner table without anyone noticing” or “make 3 people do pull-ups at the same time,” and before people leave, they must share their note and whether or not they succeeded.

Board games are another enjoyable hobby (in my opinion). I understand that it is not for everyone. But my family is a true board game family. The Settlers are a current fan favorite. The rules are simple to grasp, yet there is plenty of room for strategy. This game is played by everyone in our family, ages 14 to 60. It’s a fantastic way to spend time with your family!

  1. Plan a vacation! Yes, simply look for some last-minute deals and book a ticket anywhere! I reside in Europe, so taking a plane to another nation for the weekend is simple, inexpensive, and frequent. For those on a smaller budget, I’d recommend an Eastern European metropolis like Warsaw or Prague, while for those with a little more cash, I’d recommend London or Paris. Obviously, you don’t have to leave the nation to see something new; you might just take the train to a neighboring city you’ve never been before. Be a tourist, bring your camera, and visit all the museums you can locate.
  2. Take care of yourself! I’m not talking about the “load yourself with sugar” sort of therapy. No, I mean go to the hairdresser and get a makeover, or get a massage in town, or get a spa treatment, a pedicure, or get dressed up and do a photo shoot at home. If you don’t want to do these activities alone, bring your sister or a single buddy with you. However, I find these items to be excellent alone-time hobbies.
  3. Go for what you desire or discover something new to like! So everyone is preoccupied with romance. That gives you plenty of time to start planning that project you’ve always wanted to do: perhaps you want to start painting or writing a book? Guess what, maybe now is the best day to start! Make a plan and begin sketching or writing. I enjoy projects so much that I turn everything in my life into one! I create a vision, then define it and reduce it to realistic and attainable goals. And then I just dive in! It could be about the next step in my career, starting an Instagram account, or simply making more time in my calendar to go to the gym.

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